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Water Lane Paints – Colours of the Cotswolds

Water Lane Paints - Colours of the CotswoldsAt Water Lane Workshops we have put together a collection of china clay paints inspired by our beautiful Cotswold surroundings.

The deep green Painswick Yew reflects the myth of the 99 Yew trees in the churchyard, the deep red is Gifford’s Rouge after the faces of the travelling players from Giffords Circus. The vibrant blue entitled Common Blue celebrating the Common Blue butterfly once endangered now thriving on Rodborough common. Water Lane Grey is our signature colour reflecting the beautiful old farm stone walls.

The paint made by Colourman is created from natural earth pigments and leaves a mellow chalky finish, that can be sanded easily to give a distressed effect or left to age with time. It is quick drying and virtually odour free. The paint can be applied to bare wood without sanding or primers and will allow the character of the wood to show through. It’s flexibility makes it so exciting with the use of wire wool to rub it back, different colours on top of each other, waxing and crackle glaze.

All of this and more can be learnt on our one day furniture painting course.

To find out more please get in touchkate@waterlaneworkshops.co.uk or call 07770 988455

Look forward to hearing from you, Kate

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