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Tuesday 26th September

From the age of 40 onwards your body can be changing. There are numerous symptoms – it maybe a little harder to sleep, struggling with your memory or you may find your bones aching. The Peri Menopause and the Menopause is something often ignored or spoken about in hushed tones. This is an opportunity to find out everything you need to know to prepare yourself, with a trained doctor specialising in the subject.

Doctor Laurie Darlaston is a registered Menopause specialist with the British Menopause Society. She is a GP partner and provides private appointments at the Spire Clinic in Cheltenham. Her extensive experience qualifies her to lecture to Gloucestershire practice nurses on this complicated topic so they can advise their patients.

On Tuesday 26th September she has agreed to hold a lecture at Water Lane Workshops to explore the following topics:

  • What is the Menopause?
  • Why is it important?
  • What are the effects of the Menopause?
  • Do we need to do anything? Am I normal?
  • How do I know if what I am feeling is due to the Menopause?
  • What can I do about it? Can I treat it naturally?
  • What about HRT? Talking about the scare stories.
  • Diet and exercise and the effects on us around this time.

There will be plenty of time for questions at the end of the session and it is possible to send questions before the event. It will have an informal structure, with no more than 15 people in the group. The day lasts from 9.30am – 3.00pm with a delicious two course lunch, tea, coffee and homemade cakes.

The cost is £85.00

For more information or contact Kate on 07770 988455 or kate@waterlaneworkshops.co.uk